Jeff and Nickie

Jeff and Nickie

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Soon to be July

Soon it will be July. Thursday marks the day. Thursday is also 'Canada Day' the Canadian equivalence to the 4th of July. Today is the last day of school for the kids and tomorrow for the teacher's. Summer should officially begin on Thursday.

We had such a good visit with Justin and Sunnie last week. They came to help for a week of Special Needs (at the Bible camp) and then spent a week with us. Kurt also came from Alberta to spend a few days here with Kittie and attend his brother's graduation. Both of the guys helped Jeff with the basement clean up and repairs. We are finally starting to dry out. The repair to the weeping tile helped and the sump pump is working to dry things out.

We are still experiencing rain and cool weather. We just hope it will end soon. I can't imagine anyone having much of a garden this year and the farmers are not having much, if any crop.

My grandson, Carter called today and told me all about the fireworks his daddy bought for the 4th of July. He is so excited!! he says "Nana, you and Papa can just drive here to come to grandma's and have fireworks with us and then you can drive home." 3 year old's just can't comprehend the amount of distance it is from there to here. I always fear they will think we just don't care enough to come see them when they ask us to.

Hannah, our only granddaughter always tries to talk us into coming to see her, and it just breaks my heart. I know when they are older they will understand.

This border problem down in Arizona is sure unbelievable! I am just shocked that it has been allowed to escalate to this level. There are actual parts of Arizona and Texas that the Mexican drug cartel have taken over! Since when did the United States of America stand by and let anyone take over land from us? Or allow the land to become a war zone? I stand by Arizona and the law they have passed 110% and I want to see every State adopt such a law!!
Good show of strength and independence by Fremont, Nebraska voting to add such a law!!!

I hear Missouri is going to let their voters decide in August if they are against ObamaCare (Missouri Health Care Freedom Act). Good Job, Missouri!! Now more States will hopefully get on the same page!!

Take care....that's all for today!!

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