Jeff and Nickie

Jeff and Nickie

Friday, September 9, 2011

10 Years Later- 9/11

Sunday marks the 10th anniversary of 9/11. There is a heightened terror alert out for that day. As I sit here wondering if Sunday will be the next big strike on the United States, I can’t help but remember the day that changed the life of every American.

I will never forget watching from our home here in Erickson, we were viewing “live” as the second tower was hit…I remember feeling such confusion but knowing deep within that my homeland was under attack. We watched as people jumped out to their deaths, I remember crying “no wait!” (“don’t give up”) and then watching in horror as the Twin Towers fell one by one…knowing at that very moment so many who were waiting had just died.

Our Pentagon was attacked next, and word had it that the capital and White House were targets as well. As an American you worry “Where is our President, is he safe, will he be able to lead us?” Word came from our family in Nebraska, the President was safe, after flying around in secure air space he was hunkered down underground at Offutt AFB (SAC) in Omaha. Nebraskans know exactly what that means. He can run the entire nation from underground there.

The man in town who was the dealer for the Star Choice (TV Satellite) came to our house immediately and installed a satellite system so we could get American channels and feel like we were closer to home.
We went about our days in a Haze, trying to make sense of what had happened.

Other nations have suffered much greater losses, as I was reminded by some in our area during the days that followed. But for Americans, this was our greatest loss. It wasn’t a military base that was attacked during war time, it was innocent civilians going about their workday.

As we come to the 10th anniversary on Sunday, please pray for the families of so many that lost their lives that day, Sunday will be especially hard on each and every one of them. Our towers will rise again but the families will live with the pain for the rest of their lives.

I have a fond memory of that day planted in my mind and I use it to replace the evil scenes that come to memory. After the towers fell, the dust cleared, and the moving away of some mass pieces; there, standing up from the rubble was steel cross. As the tower fell , steel beams had broken and had formed a cross… there it stood in victory. Oh, how my heart bowed at the feet of Jesus. Praise His Name! He is in control even in the darkest of hours.

God Bless America.

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